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Concussion: Signs and Symptoms


Lexi Unicomb


Wednesday, June 1, 2022

A concussion is a type of brain injury caused by an acceleration or deceleration of the brain within the skull.

This is usually following a significant impact to the head or somewhere else on the body. The impact causes a biomechanical imbalance within the brain cells, resulting in a reduction in blood flow and temporary energy deficits within the brain.

Signs that might indicate someone has concussion include:

  • lying motionless
  • getting up slowly after being hit on the head
  • being disorientated or confused
  • having trouble balancing
  • looking blank or vacant
  • having an injury to the face or head

People who have concussion may have:

  • headache
  • nausea or vomiting
  • dizziness
  • problems with balance
  • problems with attention
  • confusion
  • sensitivity to noise and light
  • brief convulsions
  • temporary memory loss
  • drowsiness
  • blurred vision
  • being more emotional, anxious or sad
If you have had concussion, it is important to see a medical professional. Here you will be advised on the safest and most correct steps to take moving forward.

Most people recover fully within 2-4 weeks. Some people have symptoms for longer.

If you believe this relates to you, don’t hesitate to book now with one of our physiotherapists.



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