How to Choose a Physiotherapist

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When choosing a manual physiotherapist it is important to consider a number of issues:

What do Physiotherapists do

  1. Ensure the therapist listens to you, your complaints, your needs and your goals.
  2. Ensure the therapist explains to you the underlying mechanism of your injury.
  3. If you are confused by anything your therapist says, ask for clarification and ensure your therapist provides this.
  4. Watch that your therapist doesn’t “sell” themselves as the answer to your problem. Their role is more to guide you to find the best management strategies.
  5. Make sure you feel involved within each treatment and are given the opportunity to be involved in the decision making process of self management.
  6. Ensure you have an adequate period of time allocated for each treatment and that this involves face to face care with your therapist. At least 15-20 minutes is usually the minimum.
  7. Watch for over servicing. When you feel that no further improvement is happening, the change of focus should be moving towards a self management approach, being guided by your therapist.

If you are looking for a physiotherapist in Newcastle, we suggest that you consider the above mentioned tips before choosing a physio to treat your condition.