You’re staying home and moving much less.

You’re sitting more….usually in poorer, less ergonomically correct positions.

You’re having to split your attention between working in substandard conditions and helping others.

You’re having to cope with change.

All this means you’re probably going to be stiffer and tighter in your spine and at risk of episodes of new and old pains.

The Physio Joint is open to help you.

We can help you get your body through this lockdown.

You can travel across local government areas to see us because we are an essential service for you.

We have all the Covid precautions in place which includes:

  • Patients arriving are to call from their car to let reception know that they have arrived.
  • Once the room is clear, to minimise the amount of people in one room, reception will call the patient back and advise them that they are able to come straight into the practice.
  • Both physiotherapist and patient will be wearing personal protective equipment (masks).
  • Patients will wash hands before treatment and prior to payment at the front desk.
  • Extra vigilant disinfecting of surfaces between consultations will be maintained.

We currently have all four physiotherapist’s working, this being, Damien Cummins, Ben Balcomb, Lexi Unicomb and Lyndall McLean.

If you would like to make an appointment, call reception on 02 4967 2677 or you can make a request here.

We look forward to seeing you soon.