Neck Treatment

All our physiotherapists have specific neck pain training.

We often see and treat people who have experienced agonising chronic neck pain for years.

All of our physiotherapists have specific spinal training. Our team is continually engaging in research and treatment of chronic neck and head pain.

Under the guidance of our Director Damien Cummins, we are engaging in spinal research relating to cervicogenic headaches. Future research will look at the treatment of chronic neck and head pain.

We regularly treat:

  • Chronic Neck Pain
  • Chronic Headaches and Related Migraines
  • People who have had neck pain for many years
  • Wry or stuck necks that happen suddenly
  • Neck and shoulder pain that can extend into the shoulder blade and / or arm
  • People who get neck pain with sitting
  • People who need neck surgery and require pre-surgery rehab
  • Post operation neck surgery
  • Whiplash Injuries

We will help you find the solution to fix your problem. If we cannot achieve this with our treatment, we will refer you to the right tertiary medical specialist with the help of your GP for further management.

We are well aligned with the Newcastle medical profession. Fortunately, Newcastle has some of the best health practitioners in the world for the treatment of chronic spinal pain. When appropriate, we can recommend reputable specialists for follow-up.

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“Our guarantee is that we expect you to be at least 30% better within four treatments.”

-Improvement, treatment success