This week I want to introduce one of my star patients.

This lady is a 68 year old mother of 5. She suffers from intermittent low back pain. She has a shoulder complaint that bothers her a little when she swims. She has a dodgy knee that gives her a bit of jip every now and again, especially going down stairs. She also gets some neck stiffness quite commonly.

We treat this lady about 6 to 10 times per year to help her keep her stiffness and pains under control. We have set up home self treatment plans for her for these maladies.

She does really well with self management and occasionally pops in into The Physio Joint for a “tune up” or a “grease and oil” at least every two months. This session really helps with cleaning out the stiffness cobwebs in her joints.

Recently, she went on a hiking trip with her husband and friends to Mount Blanc in France. She hiked for 4 consecutive days a total of 70km, ascending and descending up to 1000m each day while carrying a pack.

Two years ago she hiked in New Zealand on the Milford Track a total of 80km with a 10kg pack.

She currently plays golf twice per week, swims twice per week and looks after her grand children of which she has 11, including one year old twins….. and one on the way.

The Physio Joint celebrates this lady….AND…. she happens to be my mother!

We would love to welcome active people into The Physio Joint family who want to get more out of their bodies.