Do you have trouble sleeping because of neck pain?

Do you wake up with neck pain and headaches in the morning, when you ought to feel rested?

Do you have a collection of expensive pillows at home… all for your sore neck?

Stiffness in the neck joints and surrounding soft tissue is the most common cause of the sleeping problems mentioned above.

We can tell which joints in your neck contribute to the kinds of pains you experience. We look at specific individual neck joint movement in three planes of motion and relate these findings to the onset of any familiar pain. In this way, it becomes clear where your neck lacks the normal mechanics of motion and how this contributes to neck and head pain.

Loss of neck joint motion can happen very gradually and specifically in individual neck joints simply from poor movement and postural habits. Often, this occurs before pain presents.

By improving local joint motion with subtle gentle neck mobilisation techniques, we often see improvements in sleeping tolerances and as a result, much happier people.

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