Here at The Physio Joint we have worked on an algorithm that effectively outlines a particular pathway that not only

Using the Management of Musculoskeletal Pain Algorithm we aim to encourage independence and self treatment, to minimise costs and over imaging, it encourages efficient triage with safe goals and a correct treatment pathway. As a result we can effectively link up with the rest of the medical community and allow the patient to work through their recovery.

Four stages of Treatment:

  1. Initial Assessment. We will figure out if the condition is mechanical (explain what this means) and if it can be treated with physiotherapy.
  2. Phase 1 of treatment is an intensive burst of treatment usually over 4 appointments and we expect a dramatic change in the condition of at least 30% improvement, no matter how long the condition has been present.
  3. Phase 2 is the consolidation of the initial intensive treatment and involves really getting our teeth into the case. This period should take at least 3 months of work and possibly 4 to 8 treatments within this time. We should see at least a 60% and up to 80% improvement in the condition.
  4. Phase 3 is where we spend a great deal of time developing independence in self-management to prevent recurrences. The time required here is often variable and specific to the needs of the person.

People often move in different paths at the 4th stage / Phase 3.

  • Some people become longer term patients. They work closely with the physio to regain a full recovery and improve their condition better than ever. They also learn how to self-manage independently.
  • Others move to a self-management plan where they occasionally return for a routine check in, “grease and oil change” and a tweak of their self-management program.
  • Still others are happy to self-manage independently.


Finally, if satisfactory progress is not achieved towards the final solution, we promptly recommend the best medical specialist path to take and with the help of the GP, organise moving the person forward appropriately within the medical system.

our physiotherapist will undertake but also the direction in which the patient will take.