When you stay still AND you put your neck in positions where it’s not “in its mid position”, you risk causing pain. It might be neck pain, arm pain or headaches… or all of these things combined.

It’s like when you hold your finger in a position that causes it to be strained for a long period. Try pulling your index finger right back to its end point… It strains….right? Now hold it there for about 60 seconds and I betcha it will cause pain.

Sustained end range forces cause soft tissue deformation and eventually pain. Simple.

The soft tissue in your neck is just like your finger. So… if you keep your neck sustained in end range positions, you risk hurting your neck. This is where sustained postures cause problems.

Sustained neck bending


Sustained neck rotation


Sustained neck protrusion


The trick is to avoid these positions for any longer than just a few minutes… and if you do find yourself in these positions too long, move in the opposite direction as a reaction to the sustained position.

This is where we can help to show you how to move your neck in the opposite directions safely and carefully without over doing it.

Sometimes it’s tricky to get the forces just right. But we can teach you how best to treat yourself by using the right movements.

Safely and effectively.