The McKenzie Method® (or mechanical diagnosis and therapy, MDT) is a system of diagnosis and treatment for spinal and extremity musculoskeletal disorders.

The McKenzie Method® was introduced in 1981 by Robin McKenzie a Physiotherapist from New Zealand.

A feature of the method is emphasising patient empowerment and self-treatment. MDT categorises patient’s complaints not on anatomical basis, but subgroups them by the clinical presentation of patients. The reliability of McKenzie classification has been confirmed by many researches.

Unlike other exercises for treating low back pain meant for muscle strengthening, stability and restoring range of motion, The McKenzie Method® exercises are meant to directly diminish or even eliminate the patient’s symptoms. This effect is accomplished by providing corrective mechanical directional movements in end range. The McKenzie Method® educates patients regarding movement and position strategies can reduce pain. A cautious progression of repeated forces and loads is used in this method. The exercises may be uncomfortable at first, but after some repetitions the symptoms will decrease.

Our physios are experts when it comes to the body’s musculoskeletal system and will use these techniques as part of their treatment, if appropriate for your condition.

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