Thoracic outlet syndrome is classified as a group of disorders that occur when blood vessels and nerves within the space between your collarbone and your first rib are compressed.

This can cause pain in your shoulders, neck and numbness in your fingers.


People can experience pain or aches in their neck and shoulder.


Signs and symptoms:

  • Muscle wasting in the fleshy base of your thumb
  • Numbness or tingling in your arm or fingers
  • Pain or aches in your neck, shoulder or hand
  • Weaking grip


Sufferers can also experience pain, numbness and tingling is their fingers and wrists.



  • Anatomical defects
  • Poor posture
  • Trauma
  • Repetitive activity
  • Pressure on your joints
  • Pregnancy


The most common initial treatment for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome is physiotherapy. We aim to increase the range of motion of the neck and shoulders, strengthen muscles and promote better posture.

If this relates to you, don’t hesitate to book with one of our physiotherapists.